Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rockleigh Report

So Mikey, Isaac and I (Joe) made the trip to Rockleigh to take advantage of the break in the rain. I felt like I was able to put forth a pretty decent effort in the A field, despite discovering that pizza while delicious is not for pre race food. Because I knew I wouldn't be close to the front of the sprint I called it a race with one to go and just rolled in to the finish.

The B field seemed to take it easy for most of the race, usually traveling 3-4 wide. Though they did keep things lively with a crash right in the middle of a straight right in the middle of the race. This unfortunately put the unknown Columbia professor off the back of the pack, but being the true warrior he is he battled on for a solid bit more. Then when he was ready to pack it in I convinced him to instead take a free lap and jump back in with the field (rockleigh is a training race after all), he even flew the Columbia colors on the front for a bit after rejoining the field. Given that he had been dropped he was required to sit up with one to go. Isaac with a premonition of things to come did likewise (there was a gruesome crash in the finale). Mikey was the lone Columbia rider to battle it out to the finish on the day, probably finishing towards the sharp end of the pack.

We followed it all up with a ginger ride home, praying the sidewalls on our tires held out. Not Columbia's best day ever, but we flew the colors, and we'll be back next week.