Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What it means to be a Columbia rider... wouldn't be a midweek ride without dodging Japanese tourist
riding the wrong way, with no helmets, while taking pictures in the
park. Or better yet, the swedes who roller blade, the wrong way, with
no helmets, down the center of the road, while staring down on coming

Oh but nothing beats our home grown New Yorkers, walking out directly
in front of your bike, while on their cell phones and pushing the
"speedster deluxe jogging stroller"... apparently they didn't realize
that model doesn't come with airbags.

[Additionally, there are the overweight deliverymen swerving around on their bikes that most definitely don't fit them...

And the paparzzi that occasionally snap a bunch of pictures of you in hopes that you might be some odd bit of royalty and make them a few hundred bucks...

And the triathletes snaking along on their their foldable bikes with carbon wheels and tt bars (true story)...

And the SUV's that think they are badass by driving around the Harlem Hill barrier at aound 45 mph and nearly killing everyone minding their own business on the west side of the park...]

Oh how I love NY

Commentary by Aimee Layton, with bracketed interjection by Shane Ferro

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